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Corporate Responsibility

At Serkom we are aware that our activities should be carried out with a focus on responsibility, sustainability and respecting the needs and concerns of the society that accommodates us. Our work has a clear impact on social development and the environment. Therefore, Serkom began with a clear mission to identify the real needs of future customers, social partners and society in general.

Área Social

Bai, euskarari

The General Management of Grupo Moyua establishes the following general guidelines for the achievement of its Quality, Environment and P.R.L: Objectives, which constitute its Quality, Environment and P.R.L Policy:

Política de Gestión Integral

Serkom, aware of the importance of Quality of the Environment and the Prevention of Occupational Risks when satisfying and putting into practice the needs of customers and other interested parties, has implemented an Integrated Management System based on international standards ISO 9001:2008 "Quality Management", ISO 14001:2004 "Environmental Management" and ISO 45001:2018 standard in "Occupational Health and Safety" thus providing benefits for all the interested parties. With this, we seek the complete satisfaction of our current customers and demonstrate to potential customers our capability to realise products and services in compliance with specifications, that are environmentally friendly and without health risks to our workers. This system is certified by the Accreditation Body AENOR.

Serkom has its own Risk Prevention System that sets out all the responsibilities, action protocols and both human and material resources so that safety is ensured in all the activities that we carry out. The accreditation body AENOR has certified our Company's Health and Safety systems to ISO 45001:2018 standard in "Occupational Health and Safety". This standard is voluntary and compliments the regulatory certification of H&S systems required by the Law.
Serkom properly manages the competences of its human capital and development of the professional career of its employees, which forms one of the greatest challenges in ensuring the competitiveness of the company. Serkom, following the dynamic of its parent Moyua Group, prioritises training as a decisive factor in its development. For this reason, the Personnel Department works in close collaboration with all the Technical, Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Departments to identify needs and propose training actions and standard or tailored courses for the entire range of situations that can arise when carrying out their activity. This management is specified in the annual training plans, plans that are subject to control and feedback by means of indicators and assessment of the training and the competences acquired.